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read! before you get started:

1. Join the community
You need to JOIN the community first! This is deathly easy, yet some people just CANNOT get it, i have absolutely no idea why. Here's the link; click on it, then click on the confirmation button and you're good to go. SIMPLE!

2. Get a feedback page
selltrade_kl members must ALL have a personal feedback page. Here, users who have previously bought or sold things via selltrade_kl can leave feedback (positive, negative or neutral) for future reference. New members can request for a feedback page HERE.

3. Be patient
Entries are MODERATED so wait it out a while if your post is not approved straight away. This usually doesn't take more than a day, so if it seems like too long it means that your post has been REJECTED. E-mail the moderators only in case of emergencies ie death or a surprise 90% markdown at Topshop..

community guidelines

1. Moderated Posting
Too many people don't understand the concept of following rules, so the mods have decided to make the community MODERATED. If and when your entries do not follow the guidelines stated below, your post will be rejected without any prior notice.

2. Feedback links
Include your feedback links BEFORE the lj-cut. This means that your feedback link should be visible on the main page, and not hidden underneath the post. Posts with feedback links hidden underneath the lj-cut or worse, with no feedback link at all will not be approved.

3. Entry Content
If you have more than 2 pictures, please place them behind and LJ-CUT. If your pictures are bigger than 250 x 250, ALL of them have to go behind an LJ-CUT. Rule of thumb is to NOT mess up the tables; we'll get angry.

Selling and Looking posts ONLY. No informative posts, where do i go to find this item posts, etc. You get the gist.

4. Don't be annoying
Refrain from posting the same thing 65 times a week because it's a nuisance to look at on our friends page, and news flash, if people didn't respond the first 30 times it's posted, it's probably because they're not interested. Wait at least ONE WEEK until you re-post the same items up for sale.

5. Currency
All posts in RINGGIT MALAYSIA only, please. We discourage the usage of the dollar symbol ($) as it is confusing and misleading; stick to our good old "RM".

6. Linking
DO NOT link to external sites such as eBay or Yahoo auctions, this is not allowed and your post will be deleted.

7. Banned Members
If your post is rejected more than 3 times, you will be banned from the community. Reasons your post will get rejected are like NOT USING THE LJ CUT, NOT INCLUDING YOUR FEEDBACK LINK, and stuff like that. So beware! ;).

Do not get your panties up in a bunch if your post gets deleted, because the only reason it was is because it didn't follow guidelines. WE HAVE RULES; if you can't adhere to them, then you're not competent enough to Be here :/ The moderators are in no way involved in the transactions carried out through selltrade_kl. Please buy, sell and trade AT YOUR OWN RISK. If by any chance a transaction doesn't follow through, DO NOT contact (or BLAME) the mods because we just don't care, really :)

Loveletters and Fanmail can be sent this way qu3enb1tch@hotmail.com or lynfunkstar@gmail.com . Have fun shopping! xoxo

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